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Custom WordPress: Design Build

Google Ads & Facebook Targeted Ads: Lead Gen

Off Site & On-Site SEO

Local Map Takeover Strategy

Geo-Fencing Management

Behavioral Targeting Management

Business Assessment

Any collaboration starts with a business assessment. With knowledge, experience and certified tools and models, we are able to evaluate a business’s structure, development, and profitability.

We take into consideration different factors like brand awareness, customer engagement, and ROI evolution. Comparing these with accurate market insights enables us to create a forecast for your business growth and the right action plan to INCREASE SALES.

As part of our small business assessment services, we offer:

Business Health Audits (online and offline)

Competitive Analysis and Market Research

Marketing Management Services

ROI Optimization Plan

Digital Footprint Increase (Brand Awareness)

Media Optimization

Your online presence can make or break you. No matter how popular your store or service might be locally, you need more customers or clients to scale your business to where you want it to be.

Word of mouth is not enough anymore and you know potential clients are straying away to sub-par competitors, just because “they” have a better online presence. This is why the Media Optimization plan developed by KeyClix is created specifically for your business.

There are core media services we provide to most of our clients in order to keep things organized and running smoothly, but you can expect a 100% fully personalized plan for YOUR business revolving around:

Social Media Development and Advertising (Facebook/Instagram)

Google My Business Optimization

Linkedin Presence Optimization/Advertising

Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads

Advertising on Ad Networks

Affiliate Marketing

Online Presence

It might seem strange we chose to present Social Media before your actual online identity: YOUR Website.

But we did this for an extremely important reason. Currently, many small businesses fail to see the need of a properly crafted website. For some, social media brings in enough traffic and sales to eliminate the need for a website. Or at least that’s what they think!

One thing we can say, though: your social media page does NOT belong to you. Your website DOES. On a whim, one employee at Facbook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube can make your page or profile disappear! So don’t rely on social platforms for something as important as your business!

This is why our website services include:

Website Creation

Website Assessment

Web Performance Optimization

Landing Page Creation

Onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

UX/UI Design

Bringing Multi-Channel Client Acquisition Technologies To Your Office

The Beachwood Sample site gives you a chance to see some of the many elements we use to generate cases through our format fully optimized for Desktop and Mobile viewing.


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