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There are core media services we provide to most of our clients in order to keep things organized and running smoothly, but you can expect a 100% fully personalized plan for YOUR business revolving around:

Social Media Optimization and Management Plan -

Your online presence can make or break you. No matter how popular your product or service might be locally, you will need more customers, clients or patients to scale your business to true success. We can help you set and reach your business goals by incorporating proven strategies and innovative tech tools. One method we love is taking the 'ole Word of Mouth advertising and giving it a fresh look with our digital features and tools - so your potential clients are choosing you over your competition because of both old and new strategies - and art and a science - resulting in a better online presence.

This is why the Social Media Optimization Plan developed by KeyClix Digital Solutions is created specifically for your business.

Bringing Multi-Channel Client Acquisition Technologies To Your Business:

KeyClix Digital Solutions customizes and utilizes some of the many elements that we have access to to attract and generate quality leads through our proprietary format - fully optimized for both Desktop and Mobile viewing and across multiple platforms and channels:

- Social Media Development and Advertising (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/TikTok/NextDoor)

- Google Business Profile Optimization

- Linkedin Presence Optimization/Advertising

- Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads

- Advertising on Referral Networks

- Affiliate Marketing

- Customized Overall Polishing of your Online Presence

It might seem strange we chose to present Social Media before your actual online identity: YOUR Website.

But we did this for an extremely important reason - some small business owners don't see the value of a properly crafted website.

For some, social media brings in enough traffic and sales to eliminate the need for a website - or at least that’s what some think!

In truth, you need both - social media to build brand awareness and community AND drive traffic to your website.

One thing we can say, though: your social media pages do not belong to you. Your website does. On a whim, one employee at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, or any other of the many platforms can make your page or profile disappear - so don’t rely on social platforms for something as important as your business!

Custom Website WordPress: Design and Build -

Our website services include:

- Website Assessment

- Web Performance Optimization

- Website Creation

- Landing Page Creation

- Onsite & Offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- UX/UI Design (User Interface)

- Website Hosting

- Website Updates and Security

Lead Generation: Google Ads, Local Search Ads & Facebook Targeted Ads -

- Local Map Takeover Strategy

- Geo-Fencing Management

- Behavioral Targeting Management

- Customized and innovative plans specifically designed for your business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software -

Our powerful all-in-one marketing and CRM software system connects and communicates naturally and easily with your ideal clients. These ideal clients in the beginning prospect/leads stage will be nurtured toward becoming a paid customer; the CRM also helps you stay organized with notes, tasks, reminders, and many other customized automation tools - and turns those prospects and new leads into your current paying clients, raving fans and referral partners! This CRM fully integrates with your social media platforms, calendar, and other digital marketing tools. We will customize workflows for email and SMS marketing drip campaigns, automate customer communication, request reviews, track sales funnels and ROI metrics, and overall enhance the customer experience while saving you time and making you money! 

Here's how we begin -

Set a day and time for our Discovery Call and Business Assessment: Schedule on my calendar here: OR Email me directly here:

Any successful collaboration starts with an assessment. With understanding, clarity, experience and our certified tools and models, we are able to analyze a business’s structure, development, and create a comprehensive marketing plan.

We take into consideration different factors like brand awareness, customer engagement, ROI evolution, and budget. Comparing these factors with accurate market insights enables us to create a plan and strategy for your business growth and the right action plan to INCREASE SALES.

As part of our small business assessment services, we offer:

- Digital Footprint Increase (Brand Awareness)

- Business Health Audits (online and offline)

- Competitive Analysis and Market Research

- Marketing Management Services

- ROI Optimization Plan

- SMART-ER Goals

Next - We'll prepare and email you a Business Proposal, including Pricing and Info.

You have 30 days to approve, I'll send you the invoice, and within a few weeks, we will have things up and running.


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